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Getting to a New Venture

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

How did I get here?

Last week I announced that I was launching Data Doyenne as a website, podcast, online classes, blog and more. How did I get to this point? Certainly I explained why I wanted to do something like Data Doyenne but how did I decide to just jump into the deep end of the pool and swim like hell? (It's okay. Because I've done so much legwork I'm jumping in with goggles, a one-piece suit, bathing cap and those floaty things adults can use and I don't mean those awful styrofoam noodles.)

I did my share of research and talking and networking and crying and screaming and pulling out my hair and drinking (red wine, if you please).

There is fear involved. I want this to succeed. I want to do what I've not been able to do in the past with my ventures. This is different for many reasons that I don't necessarily need to go into in detail here. At least not yet.

I had my podcast producer stop by yesterday to see the "studio" my husband is diligently working on. He also reviewed the social media posts and websites I've been working on to promote the Data Doyenne podcast and classes, etc. He was quite impressed which made me feel good. I told him that I still had much work to do and he said that any work I had left would just add to what's already there on all the important platforms. He said he thinks what I've done is damn good and that I'm ready. Also my microphone is awesome and he has microphone envy.

We talked about the first podcast. We talked about recording it in Spanish. We talked about video recording it so that I could share bloopers and/or post the video on YouTube (a channel I need to work on). We agreed that the first couple of podcasts could just be podcasts. Who wants to see a video of me talking into a microphone? Probably the number of people who are excited about a podcast about data (but I digress).

I want to be very clear about something. I lose myself in this work - this side hustle of mine. I am in no way shirking my duties for any of my other important obligations. This is a hobby right now that I hope to make so much more.

I hope to be able to show students and others what is possible with an integrated campaign. What you can do with a passion a dream and hustle.

I did my share of research. To hear about that research you will have to tune in to the first podcast in which I review that research. I promise to entertain...and be serious...sorta.

I promise to keep going and to tell you all about it.

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