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Informative, entertaining, funny.


Pauline Hoffmann, Ph.D., also known as the Data Doyenne, is an esteemed infodemiologist, keynote speaker, and former dean turned entrepreneur. Growing up immersed in science and nature, Pauline developed a passion for data and communication, leading her to found Data Doyenne amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. With her unique blend of academic rigor and practical experience, she's on a mission to demystify complex information and combat misinformation. She is here to help you do the same.

What are people saying...

"The speaker and presentation were awesome this morning. It was the fastest hour of training. It was informative and engaging. I would go back to school to learn more from this professor. I hated jumping off even just missing the last 2 minutes."

"The speaker was amazing!!!"


"Love everything that was talked about and I felt like there was a lot of information I can take back to work."

"She was an excellent speaker! Very engaging."


"Fabulously engaging speaker."

"Excellent speaker- shared real-life experience."

"Pauline did a great job connecting with the audience. She shared some great resources."

"I’d go to an entire conference full of speakers just like this!"

"Pauline is very professional, competent and so funny- a very gifted presenter. Please invite her back!"

Why Pauline?


As a scholar practitioner, I make the academic accessible. I combine a knowledge of science, data, health, and communication with real-world experience. I practice what I teach.

Engaging and dynamic presentations

My presentations are designed to be educational and entertaining. I meet your audience where it is and engage using real-world and timely examples to provoke thoughtful dialogue.


I work with you to determine the needs of your audience and cater the presentation to them. Participants walk away with actionable tips and tricks.

To view my speaker sheet, click below.

Most Requested Topics


How to identify disinformation and inoculate the public against it.


Dealing With Difficult People

How to handle conflict in the workplace and beyond including how to deal with different generations colliding.


Communication Plan Development

How to craft data-driven communication plans for your organization.


Strategic Plan Development

How to develop a data-driven strategic plan for your group.

infodemic clinics

Discerning the truth

Learn how disinformation is created and how to fact-check for yourself.


Having Difficult Conversations

We all know someone in our lives who believes everything they see or hear. Learn how to share accurate information so they recognize the truth.


Disinformation Detox

We all need a break from news and information. How can you do that and still stay informed?

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