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The Podcast

I started Data Doyenne as a way to communicate science and health knowledge during the Covid-19 pandemic. I continue because Covid-19 was just the beginning. We have been introduced - or re-introduced - to the infodemic which is the pandemic of disinformation.

This podcast started as a way for me to communicate data in an educational and entertaining way. 

I paused to work on my book

I return - shortly - to talk all things infodemic with special emphasis on Fake News, Witch Hunts and Conspiracy Theories.

You may still listen to past episodes. Popular episodes are linked below.

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Episode One



The very first podcast. Start here.

Or don't. My former co-host, Bryce Murphy, and I explore all things data - what it is, how to vet sources, what's useful and why it's important. For the data nerd or data nervous.

The podcast is now available! Click here to listen.

Episode 10


The Filibuster: WTF (what the filibuster)? Dr. Bart Lambert, associate professor in political science, joins us to explain what a filibuster is and how it's used. 


Click here to listen.

Episode 38



Media, Disinformation, Hoaxes

Disinformation, political discord, anti-vaccination, distrust - none of these is new and none of these is specific to the U.S. We see them all around the globe. What role does the media play in disseminating disinformation and in combating its effects? 


Click here to listen.

Thank you to the wonderful women of Growing With Tea for inviting me on the podcast. Click the logo to listen.

Episode 55


PB&J: Ghosts of Conspiracy Theories Past, Present and Future: 

In the spirit of the season, Dr. Ben Gross and I channel Ebenezer Scrooge and detail our favorite conspiracies past and present. We also predict future conspiracies. How far into dystopia did we go? 


Click here to listen.


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