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April Fool, Indeed

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

What went wrong?

Everything I read said to have at least two podcasts in the bag and ready. I should have heeded that advice because if something can go wrong, it likely will. The best laid plans...I could go on with the adages but I will stop.

I did find some comfort in speaking with others. Apparently, this past April 1 was a nightmare for many. To be clear, I do not wish for people to have nightmares, but don't you commiserate with others when you find yourselves in similar hot water? A sort of cosmic, "I'm with you, my friend."

A colleague noted that her website went down! The folks updating the website on April 1 hit something and the entire site went down. Luckily, it was up and running in no time.

A couple of other people noted that projects they were working on hit snags.

That does not excuse my lack of preparedness; my non-heeding of advice.

My poor Producer, Bryce, texted me on Wednesday last week to say that 15 minutes of the podcast recorded...but 30 minutes did not. Gah! What's funny is that after we "recorded" the podcast on March 29, he asked me if I wanted to edit right there with him. I said, "No, I trust you. Do with it what you will." Poor guy. I did trust him but neither of us expected to be missing most of it.

We believe we've solved the problem but only time will tell. We recorded this podcast yesterday and edited it immediately afterward. Let's hope it uploads!

On the plus side, I do believe things happen for a reason. While I was very happy with the first recording of the podcast, I am happier with the second. We worked out some kinks and got into the groove much more quickly. I hope you like it also.

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