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Mother's Day

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Wishing all mothers a happy day on Sunday, May 9.

I created a survey that I distributed to a handful of mothers and asked that they share it with other mothers. I ended up with 15 responses - which is just awful! Listen to the podcast to hear why it is awful and what the takeaways could be - if any. The survey itself was also intended as a bit of a joke. I would never consider the questions I asked with the choices I provided to be scientific in any way. If you would like to see a copy of the survey, reach out and I will share it. Otherwise we will forget it exists!

I did also discuss data found on the National Retail Federation's website related to Mother's Day. I did warn everyone on the podcast that the site is dangerous. If you like data, you could get lost in taking a look at the different ways to interpret and read the data. I suggest taking a look. Specifically, take a look at the demographic data.

America's Library has much information in general but certainly the information needed to discuss the origins of Mother's Day. To learn Mother's Day's dark secrets, take a look at this site from National Geographic (my favorite magazine).

School is still in session and young kids often make little Mother's Day gifts in class. Lucky mom, because moms like handmade gifts! More than 50 countries celebrate Mother's Day (though not all in May). How do they celebrate? According to Scholastic, some celebrations include:

  • A 10-day festival in India.

  • Carnations given to mom in Japan in March.

  • A festival in Ethiopia at the end of the rainy season celebrating moms.

  • Daffodils and fruitcakes for moms in the UK at the end of lent.

  • Medals for moms or flower-shaped cakes (cake, please) in France.

However you choose to celebrate, enjoy your day. To my own mother, Pearl, thank you for giving me life! And for your Pearls of Wisdom.

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