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  • Pauline Hoffmann

What is the "New Normal?"

Post-Covid....what does it look like?

I got my second vaccine shot a few weeks ago and I am glad that I did. New York State is lifting some restrictions. What does this mean? What does a new normal look like?

There are some things I did sorely miss throughout the pandemic. There are some things I did not. There are some things that have changed that I hope continue.

What do I want to continue and what do I miss?

I love that I have to reserve a lane in the pool at my YMCA. That is something I hope continues! It is wonderful not to feel stressed when going to swim wondering if there will be a free lane and wondering if you will have to share. I am all for the sharing of many things but I like my pool lane solo!

I also actually like masks. My very good friend made several fabulous masks for me that I think look pretty cool. They also protect. I haven't had a cold or the flu all year. Now, you could argue it's because I've been in isolation much of that time but I might keep wearing my mask in public places like the grocery store to protect myself.

I love that many restaurants have starting offering take-out when they hadn't before. I do miss going into restaurants, though I have done that recently. I like the option of getting anything off the menu to go. I am very sad that several favorite restaurants did close. To be fair, a couple of them were planning to close because of retirement but the pandemic hurried them along.

We certainly learned what meetings could be done via email! Zoom meetings became a thing and I am quite happy about it. I love that online learning is getting some recognition - not all good. I have been teaching online for years and love that we reach people who may not have been able to participate in a face-to-face class. I am bothered, though, that people equate "emergency, get your class online" with online learning. Not the same. Stop suggesting they are.

Money saved! It's amazing how much money you save when you don't go anywhere. Gas money alone was saved. And not being able to eat out as often also saved money. Not buying random things saved money. I do enjoy saving money and hope it can continue!

There has never been a time in my life when I have been happier to be child-free! I don't think anything else needs to be said about this.

I like that people are staying local, shopping local, living local. We've had a garden for several years and this past year it was evident how needed that is. I like that eggs are outside my door - almost literally. I do not like that pandemic chickens became a thing. Chickens are rather low maintenance but they still require work. They are also smelly and stupid. But the eggs....I like that the dogs and I explore nature more often. I like my backyard.

Thank you to every deity out there for wine delivery services. You know, for cooking.

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