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Let's Move...

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Exercise is important.

This week's podcast topic is exercise. Summer is right around the corner and with summer comes really nice weather. Some of you who read this blog and listen to the podcast may have perpetual nice weather. We are in the northeast and do not. We welcome warm weather like a free glass of wine at happy hour.

What sorts of exercise do you partake in? Each year for the past fifteen, the American College of Sports Medicine issues a survey to determine exercise trends. It reports its findings in the Health and Fitness Journal. The pandemic certainly had an impact on the results in 2021. To view the entire table of fitness trends, visit the website here.

This is a pretty robust study. The survey response total was 4,377 out of 75,383 invitations. The response rate was 6%, which doesn't seem like a good response rate but for those of us who conduct surveys, that is pretty good! Also, 4,377 responses is very good.

The Journal also displayed a graphic I found interesting:

We were struck by the lack of information about Canada. The site notes that the survey was distributed in a wide variety of countries, including Canada, with responses from Canada. I do wonder if the response rate in Canada was not high enough to note trend data. I have to believe our friends north of the border do exercise. Hockey? Heck, even curling gets you moving a bit.

Health care professionals stress that before starting any health care program, you should check with your primary care provider first. Forbes Magazine noted the most common mistakes people make when exercising:

  • Skipping warm up

  • Not having a game plan

  • Taking your phone with you

  • Static stretching before (it should be after)

  • Overlooking recovery

  • Being inconsistent

  • Getting too comfortable

  • Skimping on fluids

  • Insufficient fuel

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Skipping foam rolling

  • Improper gear

Are you guilty of any of the above? I certainly am. I don't own a foam roller but I do get a massage once a month. Does that count?

This week's "get lost in data" data comes to us courtesy of Fitbit and all its users (thank you, users, for logging your miles). Fitbit regularly compiles data and makes it available on its website. This is a wonderful example of "big data" which we will touch on in a future podcast episode. Take a look at the site and play with the data. The top Fitbit exercises? No surprise - walking, running and bicycling.

And speaking of bicycling (that's Data Doyenne in the photo with this post along with her new bike - notice the Glacier National Park cycling jersey)......the pandemic caused on run on bicycles. It was difficult to get a bike for many people this past year. I just purchased a new road bike and I had a choice of about two given my size and what my goals were. Luckily this lavender lovely fit me perfectly and I am in love.

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, bike sales are soaring! The trend in bike sales is depicted in the following graph:

This week's ARS (Arbitrary Random Stat) also deals with exercise. According to a March 2018 article in Psychology of Sport and Exercise, you will be 8% stronger physically if you curse out loud during your workout. If that's the case, Data Doyenne should be able to lift a Volkswagen.

Whatever exercise you choose, be sure to do so safely. And be sure to enjoy yourself!

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