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  • Pauline Hoffmann

Covid, Pandemic, Vaccines...Part II

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The podcast last week and this features Dr. Xiaoning Zhang, professor of biochemistry - back in a more serious role - talking about Covid, pandemics and vaccines. This week she discusses vaccines, what they are and why it's important to get them, particularly the Covid vaccine.

Generally, this blog provides additional insight and resources referenced during the podcast. This week Dr. Zhang, Bryce and I dug pretty deeply into vaccines in a way that may be difficult to understand in an audio recording. Dr. Zhang was kind enough to offer links to several websites that offer additional - and more easily digested - information. Please take a look:

  • Centers for Disease Control: Understanding Vaccines

  • ABC News report: Understanding Covid Vaccines (this site also provides graphics that may help in understanding.

  • Wellcome (Science to Solve the Urgent Health Challenges Facing Everyone) has some comprehensive information related to vaccine understanding including a video, graphics and other visuals to aid in understanding.

I hope you find these resources helpful. Stay safe!

(Photos in this post are of the Data Doyenne, herself, getting vaccinated. Her masks tell the story - first shot, don't be chicken; second shot, she's one hot pepper.)

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