Data Doyenne Classes 

Want to learn how to find data, how to interpret data, how to analyze data, how to use data, how to wow your friends and colleagues with your data knowledge? Then Data Doyenne classes are for you.

Coming.....Spring/Summer 2022.

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What sources are trustworthy? This class explores how you find appropriate data from responsible and reliable sources. It also discusses how you eat crow when a once reliable source takes a nasty turn.....




What is/are data? What is big data? What data do you need for your projects? This class will explore the "what" of data.




Data are everywhere, right? You hear about big data all the time. How do you get your hands on data? Where do you look? This class will explore where you find data and then how you get it.....




Data are readily available and there is so much of it. How do you know when the time is right to gather data? This class explores the timing behind accessing and assessing data.  




Why do you care about data - or why should you care? How do you take data and use it in your business. This class explores why data are important and why everyone is talking about it.



You've found reliable data. You know what you need to do. How do you analyze the data? What tools are available and how do you choose the right tools and analysis? This class delves into very basic statistics. It also highlights how you might visualize and present your data. 

Dealing with Difficult People



You've done everything correctly. Now you have to sell your data and sell your analysis and insights. People don't like change and people don't like what they don't understand. How do you maneuver different personality types? How do you manage this when you are dealing with different generations? This class gives you techniques in dealing with different generations in the workplace and in dealing with difficult people.


This class applies to selling your data and just working with others in general. It also touches on some key differences in working across generations.